Saint Patrick's Day
On St. Patrick's Day... March 17th,
millions of people will don
green and celebrate the
Irish with parades, good cheer 
and..... prehaps a festive
flower arrangement!

"May Your Glass Be Ever Full"
Fire & Light Celery Large Tumbler
filled with Green Deco Balls which
is topped off with White Mini Carnations,
a Green Umbrella and a straw.

"Here's to a Long Life and a Merry One"
Fire & Light Celery Martini Glass
with Green Deco Balls, Orange Tulips,
and Green Trick Carnation.

Kiss me... I'm Irish!
Sweet Green Compote with
Green Spider Mums, 
Green Carnations, 
Green Trick and folded Ti Leaves
arranged in a bed of Ming Fern.