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Fire & Light
glassware items.
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Fire & Light 

"Fire & Light began in 1995 from the partnership between the 
Arcata Community Recycling Center 
and a group 
of local artists and investors."
Fire & Light  Pamphlet

 Fire & Light Price List
6" Small Bowl  $18.00
8" Medium Bowl $ 28.00
Pasta Bowl $ 28.00
11" Big Bowl $64.00
Salad Plate $24.00
Appetizer Plate $18.00
Dinner Plate $32.00
Dipping Dish $14.00
Pedestal Cake Plate $78.00
Wine Goblet $36.00
Martini Glass $36.00
9 1/2" Aurora Vase $78.00
Small Tumbler Glass $24.00
Large Tumbler Glass $28.00
On The Rocks Glass $24.00
​Moonstone Platter $64.00
Soap Dish $20.00
Small Heart Dish $20.00
Sea Grass Bowl $70.00
 Zen Bowl $108.00
Prices quoted for all colors
EXCEPT Lavender 
Other Items Available upon request

Fire & Light Glassware

 Lavender is back!!!